Saldana moved by Groot in Guardians...

Actress Zoe Saldana says Vin Diesel's Groot ‘stole the show’ in their latest offering Guardians of the Galaxy.

The actor says she ‘fell in love’ with the tree-like creature in the new Marvel movie - in which she plays Gamora and can't remember feeling ‘moved’ as much by any other fictional character, reports

She said: ‘I think Groot stole the show, for me. I mean, I just fell in love with this big tree once we started filming.’

‘And even though I'm mature and I'm pretty sane, I can't really remember a fictional character that really moved me like that.’

The 36-year-old actor is rumoured to be expecting twins babies.

She  was recently spotted out having lunch with her Italian artist husband Marco Perego at Mozza Restaurant in West Hollywood on.

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