‘Saif is perfect actor and perfect husband’

Saif Ali Khan, as far as Kareena Kapoor is concerned, is not just the perfect husband but also the perfect actor who can’t be slotted in any genre. Besides, his intelligence and varied work make him stand out in Bollywood.

‘Saif is a wonderful actor. He is a thinking actor who is way ahead of time. He does some great work, and he is an intelligent actor. He is fun also,’ said Kareena in an exclusive interview.

‘He does a Cocktail, an Omkara, an Agent Vinod — that’s what Saif’s USP is. He can never be slotted in any kind of genre. He is versatile. He is the only Khan, I feel... he is a very intelligent person,’ she added about her husband.

The couple tied the knot in elaborate wedding celebrations 16 October after a five-year relationship. But nothing has changed for her post marriage.

‘I don’t think anything has changed. If you are in love and you are happy, then that’s all that matters. I believe in the institution of marriage and it’s like a tag to cement the relationship for your friends, family and public. And it is a celebration of the fact that Saif and I are in love and we want to spend our life together,’ said the 32-year-old.

Kareena says she has no plans to quit and hopes the notion that actresses have to fade away after marriage undergoes positive progression.

‘I believe I am here to act. I am an actor. My professional life has nothing to do with my personal life and vice-versa. That is what I feel, but I can’t change what others think. We talk about progression, so let’s hope that India is progressing soon enough,’ she said.

Kareena, who has worked with all Khans — Shah Rukh, Salman, Aamir and Saif, of course —  is busy promoting Talaash, in which she has reunited with her 3 Idiots co-star Aamir.

She can’t stop heaping praises on this Khan either.

‘Aamir is a tremendous actor and a wonderful person. I loved working with him. He is a perfectionist and he is a master of all. It is commendable that he is like that because I can’t be like him. He aims to be a perfectionist and everything that he does is done with proper detailing,’ said Kareena, who boasts of a filmography of around 40 films done over a period of 12 years.

Work apart, the actress is also looking forward to her impending honeymoon.

It is going to be like their annual vacation, she says.

Kareena is wrapping up all her projects to go for a holiday with Saif in December.

‘Saif is busy with all the other lovely ladies. I am endorsement my brand. We go for a holiday every December and we have been doing that forever; so we will do that this year too. I always go out with Saif for three to four weeks,’she said.
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