‘RSVP model’ helps in multiplying earnings: Modi

In a retort to Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi’s criticism of Gujarat model of development, BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Saturday described UPA’s governance as ‘RSVP model’ in which a person was able to multiply his earnings from Rs one lakh to Rs 400 crore in five years. Commonly seen in invitation cards and letters, ‘RSVP’ stands for ‘Repondez s’il vous plait’, a French phrase which means ‘Reply if you please’.

However, giving his own meaning to ‘RSVP’, Modi decoded it as ‘Rahul, Sonia, Vadra and Priyanka’ while addressing a rally here. In an apparent reference to Robert Vadra, husband of Priyanka Vadra, he said ‘it’s the magical effect of RSVP model of development that a person’s earning rises from Rs one lakh to Rs 400 crore in five years.’

‘Those laughing at the Gujarat model please tell us about the RSVP model’, said the Gujarat chief minister. Pointing to Sanjay Baru’s book ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’, he alleged UPA government was in the hands of ‘Maa betey’ (mother & son – Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi). Ridiculing Rahul 

Gandhi’s visit to huts of the poor, Modi described it as ‘tourism of poverty.’ ‘Born with silver spoon, Rahul Gandhi visits huts of the poor to learn about them. He goes to see whether a poor has two legs, two eyes and a stomach,’ he said. On such visits, he gets himself clicked lifting a child of the poor in the same manner as people get clicked in front of the Taj Mahal, he said. 
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