RSS tells Rajnath to go slow on Muslim apology

The RSS has advised the BJP president Rajnath Singh to avoid making statements on the party’s ‘failure to connect with the Muslims’. Singh had repeatedly given statements on the party’s failure to reach out to Muslims. Sensing this could be a major blow for the party in garnering Muslim votes across the nation, the RSS has advised the party leadership to avoid that.

Already leaders of the Congress and other political parties in Uttar Pradesh have started questioning BJP’s stand on Muslims as the party has not fielded a single Muslim candidate in Uttar Pradesh.

On 1 April, Singh, while addressing a public rally in Ranchi, said: ‘It hurts when opponents describe the party as communal.’ But he admitted there could be flaws on their part in reaching out to Muslims. ‘We believe in Vasudevaka-Kutumbakam (Universal brotherhood). However, I admit there might have been some flaws on our part by failing to reach out to the Muslims,’ Singh had said.

On 25 February, while addressing a Muslim gathering at NDMC convention Center on ‘Modi for PM Mission 272 and Role of Muslims’, Singh said: ‘Please note if there has been any mistake and shortcoming on our part, I assure you we will apologise to you by bowing our heads.’
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