Rs 100 crore will soon be 10 crore: Salman

Action films take a toll, says Salman Khan, who is recovering from a facial nerve disorder, and adds disarmingly that a ‘Tiger’ can’t make excuses like ‘I am not well’, a reference of course to his action film Ek Tha Tiger.

‘I am the ‘Tiger’, I can’t make excuses like ‘I am unwell, I can’t do it’,’ Salman, who recently underwent treatment for trigeminal neuralgia in the US, said.

‘I have done all the things like running, beating, falling, jumping from one place to another.... if you are physically fit, you can perhaps do all this. But it takes a lot of toll on your body as you are doing the same thing the whole day,’ he explained.

Salman's hard work seems to be paying as Ek Tha Tiger raked in Rs 33 crore on its opening day. Now Salman wants to go back to the romantic genre.

‘I am doing a romantic film soon. Action is very tough... One has to get up at odd hours, like early morning, to do action films, work till late night, do action in worst conditions like in hot weather, fighting on rooftops and dirty places. It is difficult,’ he said.

With the increasing number of theatres and the rise in ticket prices, Rs 100 crore could soon be equivalent to Rs 10 crore, feels Salman.

‘The exact collection starts from single screens and multiplexes in cities and small towns. With ticket prices and number of theatres also increasing, the films are likely to do a huge amount of business. Soon, this Rs 100 crore will be like Rs10 crore,’ he said.

His back-to-back action blockbusters — Wanted, Dabangg, Ready and  — entered the Rs100 crore club. Ek Tha Tiger also smashed the weekend collection record by earning Rs 45 crore. ‘And talking about the overseas business, who knows what business the film is exactly doing in overseas? Once the distributor starts giving actual figures, the numbers will definitely go up,’ he said. [IANS]
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