RPF members awarded for honesty

Three Railway Protection Personnel were awarded for their honesty on Tuesday by V K Gupta, General Manager, Northern Railway, along with a letter of appreciation posted at Anand Vihar Terminal. The personnel, SI Divya Rakhi and Constables Sundar Pal and Rishi Raj, had detected a bag lying at the station premises with some valuable contents and mobile phone on 1 November 2012.  They immediately contacted the passenger through contacts on mobile phone and enquired about the bag. The passenger, Shoiab Akhtar, a resident of Motihari, Bihar had mistakenly left his bag at the terminal, wherein he had kept jewellery and cash for his daughter’s marriage. Akhtar arrived at the station and after due procedure the recovered bag was handed over to him. Honouring their honesty, dedication and devotion, Minister for Railways Pawan Kumar Bansal sanctioned the group a cash award of Rs 20,000 each.
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