Ronson and Mars accused of stealing Uptown Funk

Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars have been accused of plagiarism. The British producer and his collaborator are said to have stolen their hit Uptown Funk from a Serbian singer named Viktorija aka Snezana Miskovic, reported Ace Showbiz.

Miskovic claims that Uptown Funk sounds too similar to her 1984 song titled <g data-gr-id="17">Ulice</g> <g data-gr-id="18">Mracne</g> <g data-gr-id="19">Nisu</g> Za <g data-gr-id="20">Devojke</g>, which translates as Dark Streets Are Not for Girls. “Their song Uptown Funk contains 80 <g data-gr-id="21">per cent</g> of my tracks. How much of it are you allowed to take as inspiration for your song?” she said.
Miskovic, however, has no plan to sue Ronson and Mars at the moment. Instead, she wants the musicians to simply give her the recognition she deserved. “If I still decide to sue them and I win, I have to figure out what to do with that money.” 
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