Robot developed to find victims trapped in debris

A city-based organisation Hyderabad Science Society (HSS) has developed prototype of a robot, which can help in finding victims trapped under debris after earthquakes or building-collapse incidents.

‘We have developed a prototype robot, which can be sent inside the debris to collect information about trapped victims. The robot, attached with two cameras and voice communication facilities, will capture images and send back the data to those supervising rescue operations,’ HSS Director Sanjar Ali Khan said on Monday.

The prototype robot is one feet long, eight inches wide and around seven inches in height. It will have a light attached to it so that it can go deep inside and look for the victims.

‘Lots of people get trapped under debris as a result of disasters. It was a year ago that we thought of developing a robotic device which would help in finding people to facilitate the rescue operations. It will come in handy for the police department and defence forces,’ he said.

‘Currently, the robot is undergoing preliminary trials.
Though it is currently connected to power line and communication system cables, it will finally be operated via remote control,’ he explained.

The field trials are going on at their lab and they expect this work to complete over the next 2-3 months.

Established in 1948, HSS is a non-profit organisation with objectives among promotion of science and technology by establishing laboratories for undertaking experimental work and applied sciences.
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