Robie closest to wife Ayda

Singer Robbie Williams says he is closer to his wife Ayda Field than anyone else because of the trust and love they share.

Asked who he is closest to, he said: ‘My wife Ayda, because she’s somebody I trust implicitly and understand.

‘And I love that she also trusts and gets me in return. She’s also really beautiful, clever, smart and makes me laugh. Our madness dovetails really well,’ quoted Williams as saying.

The couple has a four-moth-old daughter, Teddy.

Williams, 38, who had previously battled drug addiction, now unwinds in front of TV with his little girl.

‘After a gig last year, I tweeted a picture of me with Teddy. We sat in an armchair watching football on TV together.

‘That’s the after-show party and ultimate relaxation for me now: baby in one hand, TV remote in the other and a chocolate in my mouth,’ he said.   
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