Rihanna adopts abandoned puppy

Grammy-winning singer Rihanna has adopted a puppy, she found abandoned in a nightclub bathroom.

The Diamonds hitmaker was enjoying an evening out with friends at 1Oak nightclub in Los <g data-gr-id="20">Angeles,</g> when she came across the stray pooch in the nightspot’s toilet, reported Female First.

The 27-year-old singer and her friends documented their find in a number of videos which they posted on the photo sharing application <g data-gr-id="15">Snapchat</g>, in which the raven-haired beauty expresses her disbelief at finding the puppy in the restroom.

“Well I found him in the bathroom somewhere and he ran up to me,” in the video clip she says.
Rihanna can be next seen cuddling the dog and trying to get him to fall asleep as he chews on the zip of her jacket.

The pop star has dubbed her new furry friend Pepe and it remains unknown whether anyone who was present at the club has come forward to claim him. 

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