Rib-tickling online advertisements on goat milk amuse netizens

Names to reckon with websites like OLX and Quickr, now have users putting up advertisements saying fresh goat milk is on sale, especially for dengue patients.

Goat milk is said to be helpful for a person down with the deadly dengue. This year in the national Capital, an unusual spurt of dengue cases have been witnessed. And it is believed that goat milk can reduce the effect of this virus to a great extent. Hence, a ready remedy at the click of a mouse!

There are also reports showing that due to the rise in demand for goat milk, prices have shot up to as high as Rs 2,000 a litre. However, selling goat milk online is a very new, innovative and unique idea. 

At Rs 500 a litre, this ‘fresh’ milk can be supplied to you by the user to anywhere in Delhi. Though nobody wishes for the deadly dengue to persist, this user, however, offers you a rebate if you turn out to be a daily user. This user writes on his ad, “fresh <g data-gr-id="31">bakri</g> ka milk available here” (fresh goat milk available here).

Ranging from a host of varieties, the users say this mode of selling in today’s world is easier. One such user, Piyush says: “We buy a lot of things online, even fashionable pets are bought online, then why not my goat’s milk?”

With the world moving towards an all e-marketing scenario, Delhi has taken it a step further. In fact, several users have actually uploaded details and pictures of their beloved goats and their dengue-curing milk being sold online.
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