Revealing the two faces of Sonam Kapoor

Filmmaker Abhishek Dogra says he was confident that Sonam Kapoor can pull off Dolly Ki Doli well because she deftly balances meaningful cinema and commercial movies.

“Sonam has got two sides of hers. One is the fashionista and urban image. But at the same time she is doing films like Raanjhanaa and Mausam. 

I was quite convinced that she could carry anything on her shoulder,” said Dogra.

“All the films that she has done -- from Ayesha to Mausam to Raanjhanaa -- all have been of 
different variations and I was sure she would be able to pull off Dolly… as well, it needed that earthiness, which I did get,” he added. Set for a Jan 23 release, the Arbaaz Khan production venture also features Rajkumar Rao.

Ask him if Sonam Kapoor was his first choice for the film, he said: “We always had a wish list. 
All top actresses were on my wish list, but seeing parameters - date, time, and combination of the actors, Sonam fit the bill. 

We have got great response for the trailer.”

When the film comes out, he feels the audience would get to see interesting elements in the movie.
“It’s a fun ride. Lots of interesting characters you would get to see in the film. It has a great story line, a lot of entertainment, a lot of good songs.

It’s like a con-some ride where this girl likes to dupe men for some reasons that you will come to know when you watch the film.” 

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