Recharging Metro cards gets easier

Metro commuters will no longer have to stand in queues to recharge travel smart cards. The Delhi Metro has installed its first automatic add value machine and more will follow, a Delhi Metro statement said on Friday.

‘The first add value machine is installed in Central Secretariat Metro station. The machine is touch screen-based and the passenger can recharge the smart cards avoiding long queue,’ the statement said.

According to Delhi Metro, the add value machine has been installed only in Central Secretariat Metro station on a trial basis. Such machines will later be installed in other Metro stations, based on passenger response to them.

‘It functions just like an ATM machine. If a commuter wants to top up the smart card, he needs to swipe the smart card and insert cash immediately; the card gets recharged. After recharge, the machine will generate receipt showing total balance in the card and physical ID number of the card.

The receipt will help passengers if they face any dispute during the recharge process,’ the statement said.

The statement said that only Rs 100 notes can be accepted by the machine. However, this can be changed to other denominations in coming months.

‘It will help passengers to get their smart cards recharged without standing in a queue at customer care centre. It is connected to the existing fare collection system and monitored from the station or operation control centre,’ the statement added.

As of now, tokens and cards can be purchased or recharged by paying cash.
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