Rare wooden toys made by Husain to be auctioned on 21 November

A set of wooden toys by celebrated painter M F Husain who is said to have made them when his first child was born is set to be auctioned off.

Husain, who died last year was not only a master painter but had also taken up a regular job and was employed in a toy manufacture factory early in his career.

It is said that the first wooden toy series Husain made was dedicated to his first child according to Delhi-based auction house Art Bull which has put a couple of gouache on wood toys for sale on 21 November.

The two toys, featuring two individual drummers, one seated and the other standing has been sourced from a private collection and are priced between Rs 9 lakh and Rs 13 lakh and Rs 10 lakh and Rs 15 lakh each.

‘These toys were gifted by Husain to an academician during the early 1960s. She bequeathed them to her brother and they have them in the family ever since,’ says the auction house.

Apart from that a set of three works also made during the time his first child was born is also set to go under the hammer.

‘Husain took up a regular job of designing nursery furniture at a shop in Mumbai and these works reflect on his daily activities. These works also stand testimony to his personal memories which are finely executed with sensitivity and child like quality simultaneously oozing with innocence,’ describes the catalogue accompanying the artworks.

While two are mixed media on paper the other is a pencil sketch on paper. Prices vary between Rs 4.5 lakh and to Rs 15 lakh.
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