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Rangarajan to head poverty line panel

After facing flak for fixing poverty line at Rs 28.65 per capita daily consumption in cities, the Planning Commission on Thursday constituted an expert group headed by noted economist C Rangarajan to review the Tendulkar Committee methodology for estimating poverty.

'Government has decided to set up an expert technical group chaired by Chairman of Prime Minister's Economy Advisory Council C Rangarajan to revisit the methodology for estimation of the poverty and identification of the poor,' minister of state for planning Ashwani Kumar said .

He said that the expert group is expected to give its report in 7-9 months.

Outlining the need for revisiting the methodology for estimating poverty, Kumar said, 'People's perspective about poverty has changed. Therefore, we need to take a fresh look into the methodology for estimation of poverty in the country.'

'We don't send a letter through 20 paisa postcard these days, rather we call from our mobile phones to communicate. Everybody wears Reebok shoe and people ride scooter instead of cycles,' he said, explaining about the changing lifestyle of people and their perspective about poverty.

The Commission's estimates, based on Tendulkar Committee methodology, that people consuming more than Rs 28.65 per daily in cities and Rs 22.42 in rural areas are not poor, had triggered a controversy which even rocked Parliament.

The members of expert group which would suggest alternative methods of estimating poverty are Mahendra Dev, Director, Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, K Sundaram, Mahesh Vyas from Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy and former Advisor (Perspective Planning) Planning Commission K L Datta.
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