India's poor deserve better

25 May 2020 6:20 PM GMT
Decades of mismanagement and poor policymaking have finally led India’s poor migrant workers to utter desolation in the face of the current pandemic...

India's economic dilemma

7 May 2020 3:34 PM GMT
India’s economy has always been afflicted by an unfortunate mishmash of misuse of public funds, knee jerk reactions and political agendas, writes Raj...

Capital in crisis

25 Aug 2019 2:27 PM GMT
With the economy in visible crisis and the requirement for reforms soaring high, a coherence of policy initiatives is necessary for a sustainable...

Our 'Bahi Khaata' moment

17 July 2019 3:15 PM GMT
Our ‘bahi khata’ has been spoilt by our lack of respect for numbers. Our natural predisposition has been to use numbers for situational convenience

Chumocracy versus meritocracy

26 May 2019 4:52 PM GMT
Unless the elements for competence are classified and the person claiming entitlement is judged against each element, merit becomes a subjective...

A workless future?

28 Dec 2018 3:22 PM GMT
Though countries across the world are contemplating four-day work weeks to relieve employee stress, this policy change is a luxury India can barely...

Ease of everyday living

13 Dec 2018 2:42 PM GMT
There has been a considerable elation having climbed some notches in the ease of doing business index authored by a reputed international agency. In...

The Ravana within us

6 Dec 2018 4:34 PM GMT
We promised ourselves Ram Rajya and then went about creating Ravanas for each of the noble goals enshrined in our ambitions

Anticipatory obedience: The service syndrome

27 Sep 2018 4:03 PM GMT
Subservience, together with an unquestioning stance, it might seem, is an essential precondition to service

The fiction and fact in our lives

16 Sep 2018 5:10 PM GMT
Facts have nobody to own them, fiction spreads like wildfire. We like fantasies that are compatible with our own interests

Ethics and Economics

7 Aug 2018 4:36 PM GMT
The continuous slide in the integrity of our public expenditure has been the vital weakness in our economic progress.

Conflicts in the Capital

19 Jun 2018 4:54 PM GMT
The Capital of an aspiring world power cannot seem to get its master plan right at any level
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