Rahul to remove youth quota in assembly polls

Learning a lesson from the debacle in Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, the Congress party has now planned to do away with the quota it provided to youth Congress members. Congress general secretary and in charge of the youth Congress Rahul Gandhi had initially laid emphasis on giving assembly tickets to youth congress members. This was done to provide exposure and give firsthand experience to young leaders. However, after the poor result of the party in the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, there's change.

'From now on, assembly tickets will only be given to those youth congress members who have a connect with the grass root level, there is no point contesting if we know our candidate is going to lose,' said a Congress leader. This change in the party will be seen in the coming assembly elections of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. In the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections forty youth Congress members were given tickets and only five managed to win from their seats.

Uttar Pradesh is not the lone state where the youth congress members faired poorly. In Tamil Nadu, ten youth Congress members contested the assembly elections. However, the youth congress candidates drew a blank and not even a single candidate was able to win their seat. In Kerala, out of the seventeen that contested the elections, only seven won and in West Bengal seven youth congress candidates contested and four won from their seats.

'We have seen that candidates who have been nurturing their constituencies since two years or more have been able to win elections,' says the Congress leader. Sources say that instead of accommodating youth in the assembly elections, it would be better to give tickets to those candidates who have been working on their constituencies. 'If we find there is only a single youth candidate who has worked on his constituency we will give ticket to him, instead of giving tickets to ten candidates who have no chance of winning,’ says the Congress leader.
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