Rahul hits back, says Cong focus on development

On a day spent addressing public gatherings in Rajasthan ahead of the 1 December assembly elections in the state, Rahul told a gathering here that, ‘BJP people are good at speeches ... (they) give very good speeches on TV.’

‘The BJP people will show (the speeches) from every angle ... from top, from behind, from below. They are number one in marketing,’ he said, while asserting that Congrees, on the other hand, believed in development.

‘If you see our record in Rajasthan (where Congress is in power with chief minister Ashok Gehlot at the helm) and at the Centre as part of UPA government, then there is no comparison (between Congress and BJP).

‘BJP says during the NDA regime many roads were built... they keep harping on it. We (UPA) constructed three times more roads (than NDA),’ Rahul claimed.

‘We made the Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad airports. We don’t know how many airports we constructed in Rajasthan... We constructed the Indira Gandhi canal. So, we are no less when it comes to creating infrastructure,’ Rahul said.

Picking up where he left off in the afternoon at a public meeting in Chittorgarh, Rahul further attacked the BJP with the allegation that it was dividing the masses on the grounds of caste and religion.

PM’s poll rally in Pink City

Prime minister Manmohan Singh will address a Congress election rally here on 21 November. ‘The public rally at Ramlila ground will be addressed by the prime minister,’ a state Congress spokesperson said.
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