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Rahul Gandhi heckled at Jammu rally, vows empowerment of local leaders

Sarpanch Parikshit Singh of Udhampur district caught attention when he used another microphone to interrupt Rahul, who was speaking from a dias erected at quite a distance.

‘Sir, I am also a sarpanch. All sarpanches are with you. We all sarpanches from Congress are with you and are ready to dedicate our life. But we have a complaint. While we got everything from the central government, we got nothing from the state government,’ Singh said, backed by other irate panchayat members.

‘We have been deceived by the state government for past three years over empowerment – nothing has been given to us – we wanted Rahul to facilitate our empowerment,’ Singh added.
When the sarpanch complained that Panchayats were not getting enough power from the Jammu and Kashmir government, Rahul assured help.

I have come here to listen to you. I will pressurise the state government and fight for your rights, assured Rahul to elected members of local self-government (Panchayati Raj) of the state. Empowering panchayats won’t happen overnight, but we assure you it will be done, added Rahul.

Addressing Panchayat conference here, Rahul asked if the Panch and Sarpanch in J&K have any right? ‘We need to give them right/power, so that decisions can be taken by Panchs,’ noted Rahul.
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