Rahman all set become film producer

Oscar winning composer A.R. Rahman is all set to turn film producer later this year. He says he always took keen interest in filmmaking process, but has no plans to take up direction a la Vishal Bhardwaj. ‘Our first production is almost ready to roll. It's in Hindi. I'd be there to oversee it.’

‘We've out together a wonderful team to take care of the film production,’ said Rahman.
‘I know it sounds like a big responsibility, and it is! I think Vishal Bhardwaj made that successful transition from music to filmmaking before me.

 ‘But let me tell you, I've no plans of directing films like Vishal.’ That would require my full attention, which I am in no position to give right now.’ He sees film production as a natural progression in his life. ‘Music is most of the time a part of the visual medium. I've been taking a keen interest in the music videos for my songs. Other than that I've always been a curious student of cinema.’
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