Protesters continue vigil on Day 4

‘There should be no rules for punishing the rapists, simply castrate the accused,’ shouted Neha Chautani, final year student of Hansraj College, Delhi university, in front of Safdarjung hospital. ‘Hang those b*******,’ ‘ my body my right,’ were the slogans raised by the outraged students and fellow citizens of the capital on Thursday.

The students of JNU and DU continued their protests in front of Safdarjung hospital and India Gate as the 23-year-old victim fought for her life at the hospital. Delhi’s students from various colleges, universities and even from schools took over the city to express their outrage and disbelief at the cold-blooded crime.

‘The incident once again betrays the impunity of the perpetrators who remain undeterred by the police and the entire criminal justice system of the capital city,’ said a student of JNU.

Despite the massive public outrage, the official response to this incident has been disappointing, with neither the home ministery, chief minister of Delhi nor Delhi police commissioner willing to take the responsibility for the state of affairs.

‘We are deeply concerned about the health and well – being of the survivor of this brutal rape. All the culprits should be punished , and we demand a speedy justice for the victim. The trial and conviction must be completed within 100 days,’ said V  Lenin Kumar, president of JNUSU. ‘Increased patrolling and deployment of police, including women, in public places so that such incidents can be prevented. We need standardised investigation procedures to be circulated to all police stations, with stern action against police personnel who do not implement them,’ said another student from JNU.

More than 2,000 protesters who had gathered expressed their anger over Delhi police, some even stated that compulsory courses on gender sensitivity must be introduced for the police.

Theatre activist and director of Asmita Theatre, Arvind Gaur, who also participated in the protest at India Gate said, ‘There should be proper laws for molestation and eve teasing, which our government lacks. Proper awareness should be created among the citizen, where every individual should speak up for their right. And most importantly, boys should be taught to respect women. The rapists should never be given bail.’

Rajiv Ranjan, a PhD student of JNU said, ‘We need to recognise the widespread and growing rapes in Delhi that are motivated by the patriarchal urge to “teach women a lesson” for asserting their freedom.’ The protestors have stated that they will continue to protest till justice is done.
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