Promoting harder than shooting for Abhay Deol

Versatile actor Abhay Deol, known for his brilliant performances, finds shooting a film easier compared to getting involved in the pre-release promotional activities.

‘It’s harder to promote than to shoot a film. You just have to be patient. It gets a little tiring,’ said he.

It was reported that 36-year-old was miffed with Prakash Jha for playing favourites and not taking interest in the promotion of the film.

When asked about the same, he said: ‘Ask your sources.’

It was reported that he was angry with the director for giving prominence to Arjun Rampal in Chakravyuh.

But the actor claims he is not upset with media.

‘No I am not pissed off with the media at all. The media does what it has to do. If a paper has its integrity, then it won’t put story for TRP, as they say...’ the 36-year-old said.

‘Then they will just call me preachy. Do you think they care? Don’t you want to cross check your stories before publishing? It doesn’t upset me.’

is slated for a 24 October release.
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