‘Producer’s job is thankless’

A producer’s job is a thankless one with benefits shared by the actor and the director and no kudos for the person behind that good film, says actor Arjun Rampal, who produced the not-so-successful I See You in 2006 and is clearly in no hurry to get back to it.

He hasn’t quite ruled out production and still hopes to make ambitious films, but some time in the future. ‘A producer’s job is a thankless job. He works really hard and finally, when the film works, the benefits are shared by the actor and the director and nobody really praises the producer,’ said Arjun.

‘When a film doesn’t work, actors take their money, directors take their money and producers can’t do anything. So it is really a thankless job. But the irony is the most important person behind any film is the producer,’ he added.

The 41-year-old, who is busy making a mark as an actor, says he is proud of I See You and still gets calls asking him to be a producer. ‘I am a good producer, but as I said, the job is very thankless,’ he said, adding that people who had worked with him kept calling to ask him to produce a film. He added that he ‘looked after everybody very well’ when he was a producer.

‘I want to make ambitious films and I need time to work on them. Right now I am doing many films and then there is Lap (his nightclub in Delhi). I knew I would not be giving my 100 per cent and until I don’t have that time, I will not be able to do it,’ he said.

Though his two daughters are too young to watch Inkaar, Arjun says he would discuss the issue with them when they reach the right age. ‘My kids are a bit young to watch it. One is 10-year-old and the other one is seven. I think any child, who is above the age of 13, should be allowed to watch the film under their parent’s supervision because it discusses a very important topic,’ he said.
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