Priyanka, Sonam, Sonakshi team up against Twitter trolls

Bollywood actors Priyanka Chopra, Sonam Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha and Sunny Leone have put up a united front against <g data-gr-id="50">Twitteratis</g>, who mock female celebrities for their views on socio-political issues.

Earlier this week, Sonam slammed the recent meat ban in Mumbai, calling it misogynistic, which invited the wrath of many Twitter users.

“@sonamakapoor The meat ban is misogynistic? Sounds like a very bad innuendo,” a user posted.

Another wrote, “...and with that we have a new Alia Bhatt moment. Actually Alia looks much brighter now – seriously! Alia has refined.” The 30-year-old actress responded to each troll but in vain.

The Khoobsurat star today called upon the victims of internet bullying to stand up for themselves.

“To everyone out there please have the courage to stand up to bullies, trolls and people who generally put you down..#wearyourcourage,” she posted.

Praising Sonam’s stand, Sunny, who herself has been on the receiving end of such trolls, wrote, “@sonamakapoor building that courage takes strength and the ability to take the bashing after takes even more strength #yougogirl.” 

Even Sonakshi’s opinion against the meat ban irked a few people on the micro-blogging site.
“This is a free country! Welcome to BAN-<g data-gr-id="45">istan</g>... I meant India... Stupid autocorrect. (sic).” 

This tweet was followed by remarks directed against the 28-year-old actor.

She gave a blunt reply, saying, “Welcome to Twitter.Where only trolls are allowed to have their say. Yep, the only space they should be taking up in life is the 140 characters here! And the best part is, trolls think they are <g data-gr-id="59">relevant,</g> while we carry on with our happy and positive lives. God bless you all!” 

Sonam lauded Sonakshi’s strong stand by tweeting, “I’m super proud of @sonakshisinha for having the courage to have an opinion and not backing down.. #whattagirl #wearyourcourage #bulliessuck.” 

Priyanka, who is currently in <g data-gr-id="57">US</g> for her maiden American TV series Quantico, showed support for her colleagues.

“People hide behind what they want the world to see them as cause it’s easier! Standing up for yourself takes OVARIES!Go @sonakshisinha #TweetTweak.” 

In the past, actresses including Alia Bhatt, Anushka Sharma, Deepika Padukone, Shruti Seth and Neha Dhupia have received flak for their views on Twitter.
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