Preity Zinta’s paparazzi woes

Actress Preity Zinta says she was greeted by the shock of 40 camera flashes when she arrived at the Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport and ended up twisting her ankle due to the paparazzi’s attempt to photograph her.

‘Sitting at home with a twisted ankle post the airport assault by photographers. First, I shoot all night and get on the plane and then get pushed,’ tweeted Preity, who landed here Sunday from Prague. The actress came back to the city after shooting in Prague for her debut production Ishkq In Paris.

Photographers are said to have been stationed at the airport as Hollywood star Ashton Kutcher was expected to be there. However, the cameramen spotted Preity in a casual look, wearing loose lowers and a T-shirt, her hair undone, and no make-up. Media has flashed pictures of Preity hiding her face, but Preity says she wasn’t hiding.

‘Pushed and jumped on at the airport. It was raining, so I slipped. Wasn’t hiding my face, was trying to recover from the shock of 40 camera flashes. And yes, in the end I was pissed off so then I definitely didn’t want to show my face,’she posted. The 37-year-old is angry. ‘If photographers ask me politely I will oblige, but next time I will either attack someone or then file a police complaint because THIS IS NOT FAIR. I am a human being not some animal in the ZOO! If my security would have pushed them, then news would report my staff assaulted the media,’ added Preity.
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