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Prayers at Kedarnath to resume on 11 Sept

President of Shri Badrinath-Kedarnath Temple Committee as well as MLA Ganesh Godiyal said that on the auspicious day of Sarvartha Amrit Siddhi Yoga, the traditional puja would be performed at Kedarnath shrine on 11 September with all Hindu rituals and traditions.

He further added that with the advice of saints, pundits and sant samaj, the 11 September date has been finalised for the traditional offerings after mid-June natural disaster.

He said, ‘In the month of July, the temple committee performed special religious rites at holy city Haridwar on the banks of Ganga for the peace of souls of pilgrims who became victim of natural catastrophe. The flash  floods disrupted thousand-year old prayer at Kedarnath temple. But now we are committed to resume puja with dignity and honour to Lord Shiva. It is the question of faith of millions of spiritual and religious persons.’

‘The purification and cleanliness drive has almost been completed and committee members are arranging all the requirements like silver plates, ghee, dhoop-deep and other prayer materials for the traditional puja to be resumed on the fixed date as announced by state government a month ago’, he added.

Madhu Bhatt, the vice-president of the temple committee, said, ‘After series of devastation and destruction after mid-June, the news of re-start of traditional puja at Kedarnath shrine will infuse spirit and enthusiasm among millions of devotees across the country. We hope that very soon, the pilgrims will re-start their pilgrimage as monsoon season will be over.’

According to official reports, the bad weather is still an obstacle to the re-construction of roads and bridges in the Rudraprayag and Chamoli districts. The Rudraprayag-Kedarnath highway is not fully safe for the vehicular movement, and the motor roads ahead of Chandrapuri are dangerous at some points.

However, it has been decided that Uttarakhand chief minister Vijay Bahuguna and his team will fly to Kedarnath via chopper from Guptkashi. A special helipad has been built for the landing of VIPs at Kedarnath valley.

It is most likely that Vijay Bahuguna would be accompanied by MP Satpal Maharaj, tourism minister Amrita Rawat, agriculture minister Harak Singh Rawat, Kedarnath MLA Shailarani Rawat and other bureaucrats. The chief Rawal of the temple Bhirmashankar Ling Shivacharya would also be present on this occasion. This would be the first time in history when pilgrims will be abstaining from traditional puja. 
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