PM says country can take hard decisions, Sushma praises Sonia

In his concluding remarks on the last day of the 15th Lok Sabha, he said the manner in which the Telangana Bill was passed was another example that the country was capable of taking difficult decisions.

Unlike the disruptions and the slogan shouting, the House witnessed bonhomie and camaraderie on the last day with prime minister, leader of the House Sushil Kumar Shinde, leader of the opposition Sushma Swaraj as also some other party leaders speaking well of each other.

Singh hoped that a new sense of consensus will emerge to carry the country to new pathways, noting that ‘out of this strife and tensionful atmosphere, birth of a new atmosphere of hope will emerge.’

The prime minister, who has been at the helm for the past 10 years and has declared that he will not opt for a third term, said people will now have an opportunity to judge on performance, weaknesses and achievements of the government in the upcoming elections.

He hailed Shinde for performing his duties with superb aplomb and also praised the role of the leader of the opposition. Leader of the opposition Sushma Swaraj today praised Sonia Gandhi and other Congress leaders, returning the accolades received in the Lok Sabha.

Swaraj, who had once said that she will tonsure her head if Sonia Gandhi becomes prime minister, said she was a graceful leader.

As she spoke for the last time in the 15th Lok Sabha, which was adjourned sine die on Friday, Swaraj showered praise on BJP patriarch LK Advani who was seen with moist eyes.
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