Pharrell Williams finds Taylor Swift ‘awesome’

Singer Pharrell Williams enjoyed watching Taylor Swift dance at the Grammy Awards and he says the 24-year-old singer is ‘awesome’. Williams was see on camera looking unimpressed by Swift’s dance moves at the star-studded ceremony Sunday, but claims he was just ‘soaking it all in’.

“She’s awesome. Taylor knows the words to every song. It’s amazing,” he told Asked if he was tempted to get up and join the Blank space hitmaker, he said: “That’s her thing, that’s her thing thing. I’m just kind of soaking it all in. It’s always a new experience for me. She was kind of born in it... she was damn near raised in it, so for her it’s kind of like her vacation. She has a great time.” The blonde beauty previously admitted she is a huge fan of the Girl hitmaker and called him ‘a sorcerer of happiness’.

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