People consider me cinema’s journalist: Bhandarkar

  “Several people are of the opinion that I am basically a journalist and have a journalist hidden inside me — a journalist who showcases facts on celluloid. I like it when they say so and I definitely have that sting,” Bhandarkar said at a fashion show unveiling the cast of Calendar Girls here.

“It’s important to highlight issues concerning our society and country by showcasing it on the big screen. And similarly, Calendar Girls also depicts such a reality,” said the director. 

About his love for making realistic films, he said, “Be it Heroine, Fashion, or my film on the corporate world, I've always tried my best to present the truth and reality. The common man from our country will be interested and intrigued to know what Calendar Girls is. How are they are selected out of so many girls and what is their  journey will be what they'll be eager to know.” 

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