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Parakh says he wanted to quit, PM told him not to

Parakh had said in the letter, ‘It (coal mafia) exists within the ministry of coal, coal companies, trade unions, state administrations and local political leadership. There are no easy and shortcut solutions to the problem of coal mafia in the current political and administrative milieu of the country.’

As the letter made headlines, Parakh told reporters on Friday, ‘The then coal minister Shibu Soren has made certain allegations against me. So in response, I had sent that letter to the then cabinet secretary B K Chaturvedi. When I said coal industry is affected by the mafia, the intention was that a lot needs to done in coal industry to bring transparency. Ministers were opposing these ideas. If you don’t have transparency then you have all these kinds of problems.’

Reacting to the development, B K Chaturvedi said, ‘In one or two cases, as he said, allegations came and we looked at them and found them baseless. So we closed the papers and if I do recall that coal mafia… has been in existence in that area since donkey’s years. Legally speaking CBI should look at legal aspect. As far as I am concerned, I consider Parakh as a very honest office.’

Meanwhile, Parakh told a private news channel that he wanted to resign but Manmohan Singh told him to stay on.
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