Pamela pens poem on marriage and divorce

Pamela Anderson has suprised everyone by posting a lengthy and eyebrow-raising poem on her Facebook page soon after filing for divorce from Rick Salomon. Her poem reveals her views on marriage and what she thinks about prostitution, report

‘I love being in love but expectations make it impossible to be happy,’ she writes in the poem. I've tried so hard maybe it's not in fashion/tradition just seemed so romantic. I guess it's a used up ideal for the old fashion.’

Things start to get a bit strange when the former Baywatch star writes, ‘Ordering sex on line is like ordering a book on Amazon.’

The blonde's poem goes on to reveal her apparent frustrations with men, as she writes, ‘No man knows what to do with me.’ Anderson also mentions ‘never marry a rich man’ and reveals her bewilderment with prostitution. ‘I wonder how prostitution works. Does it ever feel good? Lost little souls -- being taken advantage of ?
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