Painting helps Stallone get over son’s loss

Actor Sylvester Stallone feels painting has healing power and can be full of depth.

Stallone, lost his son Sage 13 July this year when he suffered a heart attack and was found dead in his house. The actor says his paintings do not look happy.

‘The paintings I’m doing right now aren’t too cheerful, but there’s something amazing about the process because what will come out of the canvas is so profound. It’s very therapeutic I tell you,’ Hello magazine quoted Stallone as saying.

The 66-year-old admits he still suffers from pain of losing his son and it will always come back time and again.

‘I fall to pieces from time to time. You just do. It’s a cycle you just have to deal with, like a virus that keeps coming back,’ Stallone said.

‘You go through this time of thinking, it’s really horrible, then you come out the other end and realise there’s not much you can do about it and you can forgive yourself,’ he added.
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