Modi's 20 years and countless reforms

What BJP president has said about Prime Minister's vision and achievements are clearly visible when I am here in rural areas of Bihar. Each farmer has his/her own story when he talk about struggle and how Prime Minister's Jan Dhan Yojna became a life changing for them. People who have returned from different part of the Country due to covid-19 tell their story how Jan Dhan Yojana proved a big change for their life. They received monetary help from Bihar government direct through Jan Dhan Yojna. Poor workers express their happiness saying they have a bank account where they receive their payment directly to their account. Women in villages thank Prime Minister for proving electricity, LPG cylinders and pukka home under PM Awas Yojna.

When I am here in villages of Bihar, I came to know why people love Prime Minister Naredra Modi and how these villagers are receiving work their livelihood. Coalition of BJP and JD(U) has really made great reform in the life of these people.

Now, I understood why rivals of Prime Minister Modi fail to defeat him because, his vision is strong and for the development nation. Opponents wonder why they failed to bring him down despite best of their efforts each time. They wonder why people of India pose a great faith on him. They wonder why his one appeal becomes a mass moment. Be it Ram Mandir issue, Triple Talak, demonetization, GST, or CAA/NRC, rivals tried to bring him down with political vendetta but they failed to do so because he won the hearts of the people with his vision for India.

He is the kind of leader the people of India were waiting for long. People love him because they found in him courage to take risk of setting targets, a leader who can bring the entire nation at stage. People have faith in him because they know that the Prime Minister represents values that are beyond governance and politics.

His one appeal to the nation becomes a mass moment. For instance, be it sanitation, rural electrification, housing for all, potable water for all or doubling farmers' incomes and many more.

During demonetization opponents tried to mislead the people using their all possible tactics but people showed faith in him. They knew that at least Modi tried to stamp out corruption and this is the reason people supported him in the second round. People of India are well aware of why CAA is needed. He removed Article 370 the issue which had been for good reasons and the people supported his decision massively.

Under his leadership the nation is developing rapidly. In last six years he has brought various reforms be it housing for poor, electricity in most deprived parts of the country, LPG cylinder for poor women under Ujjwala Yojna, every poor person now has a bank account Jan Dhan Yojna, farmers are given benefit of Kisan Credit Card.

At present, when the world is facing the biggest crisis due do Covid-19, our Prime Minister was acknowledged globally for handling the issue. World leaders, international agencies, philanthropists, Nobel laureates and many others have praised Modi's leadership.

India was seen as a problematic country with little capacity and concern to deal with its health problems. Lack of political will and not lack of resources was the main impediment. And today India is seen globally as a role model and a saviour providing medicines, supplies and medical assistance to its neighbours and nations in West Asia, and supplying medicines to powerful nations like the US, Russia, etc.

Ashish sood Ex gen sec BJP Delhi Former leader of house SDMC

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