Creating 'Team B' is in Congress' DNA

Congress made a comeback in Punjab after 10 years, only due to AAP.

If there can be a magic box which contains a cobra and a mongoose living together, it is Congress. – Pt. Deendayal Upadhyaya (April 22, 1965, Mumbai)

Aam Aadmi Party, the B Team of Congress is going to celebrate her fifth birthday in next month but the mother has already started the process of disownment. It seems that the Congress feels that AAP has exhausted her political utility for the holy family of 'Nehru Dynasty aka Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty' and is waiting a suitable time to start the procedure for dismantling.
Who created AAP? The political pundits need not go to the library because many of them have witnessed the mother's birth pains but choose to overlook due reasons best known to them. Here, I am not interesting describing the entire process of conception, gestation, and delivery of AAP but simply pointing out at some landmark incidents to help Congress leaders to recall the procedure. After winning the Lok Sabha election 2009 by hook and crook, the UPA – II under the leadership of Congress took it as 'Right to Corruption' and engaged in open loot of the public money. As a responsible opposition, BJP protested with tooth and nail both inside the Parliament and amongst public in a democratic way. It was during this period the UPA –II was speechless on various charges of corruption like 2G Scam, Coal Scam, CWG Scam, Land Scams etc. In this backdrop, Anna Hazare agreed to launch 'Janlokpal Movement', regarded as the second largest non-violent movement in Independent India after 'Sampoorna Kranti Movement' launched by J.P. during Emergency against the dictatorial rule of Indira Gandhi. The movement of Anna Hazare was popularised as non-political but Congress had conceived a child which it delivered on November 26, 2012. Anna Hazare was shocked due to this unexpected delivery. In the stage of numbness, he was made to own the child. But soon he regained consciousness and owned it. The child was adopted by then Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit.
Why no defamation against Kejriwal? Neither Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit nor any of the Central Government ministers filed any case of defamation against AAP Supremo Arvind Kejriwal for labeling allegations of corruption. Why? Kejriwal used to wave 600 pages of evidence at Jantar Mantar with a threat to send Dikshit to jail within seven days. In the 49-days government, he had all the powers but did nothing. In fact, Congress had planned to use AAP as an outlet of the public anger of Janlokpal Movement. Congress high command was of clear view that the people opposing Congress on corruption would go with AAP while her voters would remain intact. This division of votes would help her retaining power in Delhi. In the run up to the Delhi Assembly Elections 2013, Congress leaders openly said that AAP would not affect them but part with the vote bank of BJP.
Why no action for meter tampering? The second evidence of Congress being the creator of AAP comes from overlooking offences committed by Arvind Kejriwal. Delhi government which got thousands of citizens prosecuted in the court on the charges of tampering with meters remained silent on Kejriwal's similar illegal activities. In those days, Congress leaders knew of their defeat in Delhi so they promoted AAP as a vote sharing instrument.
Who struck deal with AAP? In 2013 Delhi Assembly elections, BJP got the maximum MLAs but Congress supported AAP to form the government. A meeting of AAP and Congress leaders was held in a five-star hotel in Delhi to finalise the deal. AAP formed government in Delhi with the support of Congress. The Congress workers candidly admit the deal had its roots in the internal conflict of the Congress with a long-term objective to sideline Sheila Dikshit. Who was the man behind this deal? I think the Delhi Congress chief knows this well. He should come out and tell this to the people of Delhi.
Where is 600-page evidence? Kejriwal was Chief Minister for 49 days, then unilaterally broke the alliance. Congress was in Centre during this period. The 600 pages which Kejriwal had promised to use against Sheila Dikshit and send her to jail in seven days were never used. Was no action against Sheila part of the deal with AAP?
Why Congress leaders canvassed for AAP? Sensing their defeat in Delhi Assembly Elections 2015, Congress leaders openly canvassed for AAP to prevent BJP from coming to power. This active support of Congress to AAP resulted in complete eradication of Congress from Delhi. AAP also reciprocated by not taking any action against Congress leaders. According to senior AAP leader Kapil Mishra, Kejriwal himself directed him to not proceed on the corruption cases against Dikshit.
AAP in Punjab and Goa Assembly Elections? B Team benefitted Congress in Punjab. After being out of power consecutively for 10 years, Congress made a comeback in Punjab only due to AAP. Congress leaders need to analyse the foul language of AAP leaders against senior BJP leaders during Punjab and Goa. Since Kejriwal took oath as Chief Minister he is serving the interests of Congress with a sole purpose to abuse, insult, and spew venom on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Why Kejriwal and his team never used such words against her matriarch Sonia Gandhi?
In fact it's in the DNA of Congress to create B teams. The first such known case in Independent India was in the first Lok Sabha election itself. In 1952, Congress pitched Narayan Kajrolkar against Bhim Rao Ambedkar from Bombay North. Kajrolkar who worked as personal assistant to Ambedkar for years became the cause of his political assassination. Kajrolkar too became a prey of 'use and throw politics' of Congress. In 1979, Chaudhary Charan Singh was created to topple Morarji Desari government but dumped. The rise of Mamta Banerjee would also be a case of academic study. As a Congress leader she served a General Secretary of Indian Youth Congress, MP and also minister in the Union Cabinet before forming her own political outfit in 1997. The list is too long and also includes Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. Congress has a four-stage procedure – create, use, disown and dump. In Bihar Assembly Elections 2015, Congress joined hands with Lalu Prasad Yadav who is convicted in the Fodder Scam. Congress scion Rahul Gandhi was critical to Akhilesh Yadav during his 'Khat Sabhas' but just before elections, he forged alliance with Samajwadi Party. The learned voters rejected the duo.
Most recently leaders like Hardik Patel, Alpesh Thakore, and Kanhaiya Kumar are also the creations of the same Congress party to pursue its politics of 'Divide and Rule'. People in Gujarat have started believing that these so-called youth and caste leaders were in fact created by Congress to destabilise the state government and derail the state from the path of development. Congress must know that people of Bharat are now more informed due to advance information technology. Today, Bharat is blessed with Narendra Modi, the most popular leader of Independent India to keep such evil souls away and we are committed to making Bharat free from Congress wherever it exists either in original forms or B teams.
(The views expressed are strictly personal.)

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