Olga behind Tom-Kat split?

After all the loud and over the top declarations of love, now that the Tom-Kat relationship has ended in divorce, speculations abound as to what could be the real reason behind this perfect Hollywood romance being shown the door.

According to media sources, what has created the rift is a lady called Olga Kurylenko. Besides apparently starring in Cruise’s next film Oblivion, she has been locking lips with the man in question.

The 33-year-old Olga has been the Bond Girl Camille in The Quantum of Solace. At 5ft 9.5 inches, she towers well over Cruise like all his women and is taller than Katie too by half an inch. She’s from the Ukraine, but moved to Paris to become a model when she was only 16. She speaks Russian, French and English fluently and can play the piano.

Cruise and Kurylenko were photographed kissing though it is not clear whether it was on location of a movie or taken by the papparazzi.

Could this be the real reason why Katie decided to leave him? We can only speculate.
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