O’Brien sued for allegedly stealing jokes from Twitter

Conan O'Brien is facing plagiarism lawsuit after a Twitter user claimed the TV host has ripped off his jokes from the micro-blogging site.

Robert Alexander Kaseberg has filed a lawsuit against the ‘Conan’ host and accused him of stealing four of his jokes on Twitter and using them as materials for the late-night talk show monologues, reported Ace Showbiz. O’Brien’s production company denies the allegations, “We at <g data-gr-id="12">Conaco</g> firmly believe there is no merit to this lawsuit.” Kaseberg tweeted on February 3, “Tom Brady is going to give his MVP truck to the guy who won the game for the Patriots. So enjoy that truck, Pete Carroll.”

O'Brien later joked on his show, “Tom Brady said he wants to give the truck he was given as the Super Bowl MVP to the guy who won the Super Bowl for the Patriots. So Brady is giving his truck to Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll.”

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