Now, school students can build F1 cars

India-born Sauber team principal Monisha Kaltenborn launched on Thursday multi-disciplinary school programme –F1 in Schools – which aims at encouraging young students to design a scale-model Formula One car.

The programme challenges students from 12 to 19 years of age to use different softwares to design, test and build a scale-model F1 car out of a block of balsa wood and race it in an exciting competition, the organisers of the championship in India KaptanMCA Tracktech, said.

A purpose-built 20m track is used to test the speed of the miniature cars and the participants are judged on basis of speed of their car, final car design, verbal presentation, engineering development, team work, project presentation and marketing display, they said.

‘F1 in Schools will prove to be very popular with Indian students as an exciting, fun and innovative education-led activity and I look forward to meeting the first Indian F1 in Schools National Championships next year,’ Kaltenborn said.

Teams will have to compete on regional and national level before making it to the finals of the ‘Bernie Ecclestone F1 in Schools World Champions Trophy’. The school students will get to make their own team modelled on the F1 outfits. The students will have to find sponsors and build their teams.

On being selected, they will get a chance to participate in the international championship.
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