‘Now girls drool over me more, feels great!’

What is your role in Hasee To Phasee?
The movie is a romantic comedy with a love triangle. I play this happy-go-lucky character called Nikhil Bhardwaj who romances Parineeti Chopra in the film. The Karan Johar production is directed by Vinil Mathew. Parineeti plays this mad crazy scientist in the film and my character bears with her throughout and adds onto the drama.

Who is a better co-star- Alia Bhatt or Parineeti Chopra?
It has to be Alia Bhatt. Contrary to the rumours that am dating her, she would always be special for me because my first film, my first shot and experience in acting has been with her. That feeling is  and will always remain special.

How is Parineeti Chopra as a co-star?
Well both of us have a lot in common apart from Hasee To Phasee. Both are from a non-filmi background, then we are both Punjabis and hard core foodies and then very easy going. It was an easy ride with her throughout shooting since she is a fun girl to be with and very adjusting.

From a Delhi guy to Bollywood actor, how has the journey been?
For me a lot has changed over the years. Though am still young in the film industry but I never ever thought about reaching the heights I have done today. In fact I never believed Karan Johar when he offered me Student Of The Year
, I thought he was pulling a prank on me. But then things gradually happened and started. Am looking forward to much more from here in my career.

Who is your dream director or co-star you want to work with?
There are many I want to work with. For me the quality of work matters the most and at this point of time I can not make or pick choices. So for me association with good films is the utmost criteria.

Amongst your contemporaries, who do you consider as your biggest rival or competition?

Well I have watched Arjun Kapoor and I think he is fabulous. He definitely did a good job in Ishaqzaade. He has a great screen presence and looks real on screen while acting. So for now I believe am competing with him.

From an AD to an actor, will you ever go back to assisting directors now?
No I don't think so. I assisted Karan Johar in My Name Is Khan and learned quite a lot. Later when he offered me the role in SOTY, I took it up because I believed I could act. Since then I don't think I would go back to from where I started.

Which is a better city- Delhi or Mumbai?
Am a Delhi boy. My education and my family lives there. So Delhi will be first choice. I miss the weather, mostly winters, the late night rides and street food of the city when I shifted to Mumbai.
Mumbai is the place where I earn my bread and butter from. It's actually the city of dreams where you have immense scope of failing and succeeding equally. I have been lucky to achieve so much so far.

What is the latest in your love life. Who would you like to date from Bollywood?
It's only Parineeti which is latest in my love life owing to the film we are doing together. So you can call her my professional love. Rest if given a choice I would love to date Anushka Sharma as I find her quite hot and talented.

Commercial success or critical acclaim, what's more important?
I want to be known as a commercial bollywood star. For me awards and acclaim both matter a lot. But commercial success and awards stands as the top priority.

Do you feel you don’t have normal life anymore?
Your life does change once you get fame and money. Similar is the case with me. It does give a new high when girls drool over me more now, or people recognise me on the streets and stop me for an autograph. Life has changed. Plus I have bought myself a brand new motorbike on my own money for my birthday, so independence is nice.

With a chocolate boy image, are you open to all sorts of roles?
Yes I am. My next film is titled The Villain, directed by Mohit Suri. That film will definitely change the mind set of audience since my role is negative and quite distinct.

What difficulties did you face while entering Bollywood? What is your survival mantra?
Being totally new to this industry and then finding a job is toughest. After a few modelling assignments while I was trying to find my place in the city, I was often disappointed and heartbroken. I used to see people succeed just because they had relatives, godfathers and references in the industry and feel jealous. At last when I got my chance I never gave up and continued with all my honest effort and integrity. I guess that has been my survival talisman.

Do you feel Student Of The Year is your claim to fame and a landmark in your career?
Yes, SOTY is the only film which is my name to fame since it was my first film. I am glad the film clicked so well and brought me name. It will always be a landmark in my career being my debut and my work ahead will always be dependent on that. I have been plain lucky along with my hardwork for that film.
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