'Not going to explain anything about hugging Salman'

The much-talked about hug shared by Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan at an iftaar party a few days back may have set tongues wagging about the superstars' relationship, but the former says it's none of anybody's business.
‘I will be very honest. Whether it's my relationships, friendships, personal aspects...I have never dignified it by talking about it in the public and I would like to keep it like this,’ the 47-year-old said here Wednesday at the launch of a mobile game based on his film Chennai Express.
On 21 July, SRK and Salman faced each other at the Congress leader Baba Siddique's annual iftaar party and they shook hands and hugged each other.
But SRK closed the chapter by saying that the media should not expect any kind of explanation from him on the issue ever. ‘So much is said, so much is heard, and too much is written. But as far as I am concerned... I have never spoken about it and I am not going to begin now. It's for everyone to take it forth, there is nothing coming in terms of explanation,’ he said.
Shah Rukh and Salman were not on talking terms post the incident at Katrina Kaif's birthday bash in 2008.
The ‘hug’ has been debated extensively by both the media and the industry over the last few days.
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