Noose around Namdhari’s neck tightens

As per the sources in Delhi police, investigations show that it is likely that the realtor-hotelier brothers, Ponty Chadha and Hardeep Singh, walked into an elaborate trap laid by the prime suspect, Uttarakhand BJP leader Sukhdev Singh Namdhari.

Namdhari has since been arrested by Delhi police.

According to sources, the henchmen of Namdhari far out numbered the security guards of Chadha brothers. ‘The brothers were actually made defenceless having walked into the trap laid by Namdhari,’ said Delhi police sources.

So far the crime branch has failed to take out the call details of Ponty Chadha who was killed on 17 November allegedly by his own brother Hardeep Singh.

However, the call details of Hardeep and Namdhari has been traced out by the cops. On 17 November, Namdhari went to the farmhouse with Ponty Chadha in his car. The rest, Namdhari’s men, including his maternal uncle Hardayal Singh, were in another vehicle that is yet to be recovered.

The source in Delhi police said, ‘None of the security guards of Ponty were accompanying Ponty. Only Narender, the security manager was present with Ponty and was the first person to receive injuries from the gun shot allegedly fired by Hardeep.’

In the investigation, Namdhari told the police that Ponty was all alone after his security manager was hurt due to gun shot injuries. ‘It’s surprising that Ponty went there without any proper security arrangement, considering the fact that he was planning to confront his brother over the farmhouse dispute,’ the source added.

A senior police official investigating the case said, ‘Making Ponty defenceless might be a part of Namadhari’s plan to kill both the brothers at one go.’

Also, Namdhari did not make  a PCR call when he was taking wounded Ponty to the hospital. The hospital staff informed the police about the arrival of Ponty.

However, enroute the hospital, Namdhari made five calls to top politicians and officials. He lodged an FIR much later at Mehrauli police station.

‘During the ongoing investigation, the clues are all pointing towards  the involvement of Namdhari in Ponty’s murder,’ the official added.
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