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My son is 26. I think he's gay. He's avoiding marriage nor do I ever see him with any girl. How do I find the truth?
Name unknown, Gurgaon

Attraction for same sex is there from the days of Mahabharata. Firstly, please don't treat him as a patient or some sort of criminal. I have friends from all the walks of life, some of them are gays. So what? They are super successful and decently happy in life. I think all mothers want that from their children that they stay happy. Talk to him. Confront and take it easy! It could also be that he's focussing on career and hence neglecting marriage. Don't just jump to conclusions.

I have seen a couple of blue films and since then I am always thinking of erotic stuff. I'm in High school and feel desperate. I don't have any girlfriend. What can I do?
M K, West Bengal

At your age, this is normal. The hormones act and react. But, concentrating on studies is a priority. Don't neglect that. After just a couple of years you will realize how important degrees and career. I'm sure, very soon you will find your girlfriend but please don't jump into any physical relationship until you are sure. Losing virginity is a pleasure. Preserve it for the right one.

We are married and have a kid. How good or bad partner-swapping is? We even want to experiment group sex.
Vicky, New Delhi

Well, I'm nobody to judge bad or good. You both are mature adults and you'll know it all. I'm sure swapping/ group sex is a colorful act but can't really comment on its consequences later. This is a decision of two adults who are participating.

Just ensure that some momentory pleasures do not lead to permanent damage.

My best friends parents got divorced. He is shattered. I feel very helpless. We are in VIIth standard. How can I help him?
Raghavendra, UP

Just be extra kind and extra supportive towards him. Help him in whatever little ways you can. With his homework, taking him out to movies, bringing him over to your place for studies, sleepovers.. Your parents can also help you to be beside him. Why don't you both join some salsa, music, art or something that interests you both. This is going to help him come out of this phase with ease. Good to see such a caring friend like you. I'm sure the clouds will fade and your friend will recover soon!

I have developed a crush towards my friends mom. She's too hot and she's a single parent. Should I approach her? I'm in college.
Name unknown

Crush or infatuation is a temporary attraction which will get over with time. She's your friend's mother and I'm sure that if you do not let go of this feeling now, you will lose your friend in future. Just imagine, one of your friend fantasising your parent! How does that feel? Change shoes and act/react in life. This will make life and its decisions easier. Too many hot, hotter women around. Explore.

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