No ground for joint protest of Anna-Ramdev

Delhi police has given an ultimatum to Team Anna and Ramdev regarding the day-long protest, which they are planning for 3 June at Jantar Mantar. They have been told that crowd strength should not exceed 5,000 during the protest. Apparently, the capacity of Jantar Mantar is only 5,000.

As the expected crowd strength of the joint protest is estimated over 15,000, police say the Jantar Mantar would not be suitable for such a huge gathering.

The Delhi police senior officials met on Monday to discuss the arrangements to be provided during their day-long protest. The meeting was held under the supervision of Joint Commissioner of Police (Law and Order), Dharmendra Kumar, in the police headquarters, said police sources.

Meanwhile, Team Anna apparently had made plans to hold the protest on Ram Lila ground in Central Delhi. However, they were informed that the ground was already booked for the first week of June. According to the police official, Ramdev has not yet applied for a permit to use Ram Lila ground.

Ramdev had earlier proposed a protest on the same day the police cracked down on his supporters at Ram Lila ground last year. But instead he chose to have a joint protest with Team Anna.

According to the police officer, they would be allowed to hold the protest, provided they could guarantee only 5,000 supporters. Team Anna members had sought the permission by promising that their strength would not exceed 5,000. But, if there was to be a joint protest, then there would be chaos at Jantar Mantar. There would also be several media persons and they have to take care of them also, added the police official.

'We just want them to give us an undertaking that there would not be a gathering of more than 5,000 people,' said Joint Commissioner of Police (law and order) Dharmender Kumar.
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