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NLC adheres to world class, state-of-art safety measures

In Neyveli mines, all measures are taken to carry out the blasting in a safe manner, so as nearby railway line, roads and villager’s houses are not affected. 

In NLC mines, the latest technology of Site Mixed Explosive (SME) is used. This explosive is normal power explosive, having minimum strength of explosion. 

The controlled blasting techniques are used to mitigate the blast induced vibrations and noise. While carrying out blasting in the vicinity of village, the latest electronic detonator, worth Rs.1,000/- per piece are used in each blast hole. Each hole is blasted with precise time delay, which mitigates the vibration and noise.

Mines blasting are carried out in such a manner i.e. the vibration is kept well within the limit so as nearby buildings are not get affected. NLC mines structures like Shift Office yards are also close to blasting activity. Extreme care is taken for our own buildings and for safety of machines working. 

Each blast vibration is measured nearby villager’s buildings using seismograph. 10mm/sec is the vibration threshold limits prescribed by mining statutory authority – Director General of Mines Safety (DGMS). The villager’s houses are located 250 metre away from the blast location. 

The vibration readings recorded while blasting nearby village are much below the limits prescribed by mining statutory authority.

In mines, blasting is carried out shallow depth upto 50 metre from ground level. Whereas the village borehole are drilled to the depth of 200 metres. 

The village bore well failure may be due to ageing, corrosion, fine sand entry from aquifer due to over pumping more than yield. Even the mine bore wells very closer to blasting site are not affected by blasting. NLC India is always taken care of people safety. 
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