‘NH10 talks about friction between different INDIAS’

Director Navdeep Singh, best known for his impressive debut Manorama Six Feet Under, is back with Anushka Sharma-starrer NH10 which, he says, is a dark and gripping tale about the struggle between different Indias.

“It is very dark but at the same time a very gripping and compelling watch. There are many Indias in this country. There are different realities to a city and they co-exist but they don’t know each other. When they accidentally meet, sometimes in bad circumstances, there is friction, a struggle,” Navdeep.

Manorama Six Feet Under, a critically acclaimed murder mystery starring Abhay Deol and Gul Panag, somehow escaped viewers’ radar initially has since acquired a cult status.

He admits that things did not pan out well following his debut. “There were many, many false starts. I was to do Basra but that did not take off and then I was doing another film called Rock the Shaadi. We shot some of it but then it got stalled. It has been 7 yrs but every person has a journey. It has also to do with the kind of films you want to make. If you want to make a big commercial film or have made something big then things become easier.”

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