New rose tattoo for Cheryl

Singer Cheryl Cole has a new tattoo — a giant rose design on her lower back. She reveals she endured 15 hours of agony for her latest inking.

Cheryl, 29, unveiled the massive design Thursday night during the first gig of the Girls Aloud reunion tour, reports

She already has 19 other tattoos on her body, and talking about the pain she endured for what could possibly be her last inking, she said: ‘It was really painful, but I think I’m done with tattoos now. It wasn’t for any particular reason, I just liked the design. It took 15 hours in total.’

Cheryl displayed the tattoo with pride as she teamed it with huge, red angel wings, a pink tutu and jewelled Jimmy Choo heels. She also said she got the tattoo done in September 2012.

‘I actually got it five months ago, but it’s somewhere on my body you wouldn’t expect people to see it very often. It was done by this amazing artist called Nikko Hurtado who basically travels round the world going to conventions.’

Her other inkings include a Polynesian tribal symbol on her hand, barbed wire around her thigh and a reptile creeping across her bottom.
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