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Need global system for carbon emission: IATA

Backing the opposition by India and US among others to EU's ‘unilateral’ carbon charges, the International Air Transport Association [IATA] on Monday asked the governments to head off a mounting conflict over it and favoured a global system to regulate the industry's emission of climate changing gases.

Joining hands with India, China, the US and other non European Union nations, who are piloting the opposition, the IATA at its 68th annual general meeting here said the dispute should be resolved through negotiations as tax and regulatory charges might hamper the growth of the industry.

The European Union Emission Trading Scheme [EUETS] charges, came into effect from 1 January this year and requires carriers to buy permits to emit carbo and has turned into a major issue confronting the world body.

‘We strongly oppose this unilateral action,’ said Wang Changshun, chairman of Air China at the conference with IATA executive director Tony Tyler.

Opposing the EU's decision to impose a carbon tax on all flights operating on its skies, India and 22 other countries, including Russia, China and the US had in February at a meeting in Moscow decided to retaliate with a series of measures which include imposing heavy costs on European airlines and plane manufacturers.

IATA chairman and president of Dutch carrier KLM NV, Peter Hartman said that it [emission trading] should be a ‘global system’.

‘We are not opposing [regulation of carbon emissions], but we are opposing that they try to force other countries under their legislation,’ Hartman said.
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