Sukhu: HP govt to create favourable environment for green hydrogen

shimla: The Himachal Pradesh government is formulating a new Green Hydrogen Policy, which aims to promote the use of green hydrogen and establish Himachal Pradesh as a leading hub for its production. The state’s abundant renewable energy resources, including ample sunlight, water and wind, make it an ideal location for generating green hydrogen.

“The primary objective of the policy is to attract investments in large-scale renewable energy projects, ensuring a consistent and sustainable supply of green electricity for electrolysis. By leveraging its natural advantages, Himachal Pradesh aims to create a favourable environment for the production of green hydrogen.

This will not only contribute to the global fight against climate change but also make the state a pioneer in sustainable development,” said Singh Sukhu.

He said that to kickstart the efforts towards green hydrogen production, the state government has already entered into a memorandum of understanding with Oil India Limited (OIL). This collaboration will enable the production of green hydrogen and green ammonia on a pilot basis. Furthermore, the government is actively encouraging young entrepreneurs to invest in the state and the new green energy policy will include various provisions to facilitate their participation.

Sukhu also highlighted the interest shown by the company to establish a plant in Himachal Pradesh that will produce green hydrogen and convert it into e-ethanol.

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