Sukarya Hosts Historic Maternal Child Health & Nutrition Conference to Combat Anaemia and Malnutrition

Sukarya Hosts Historic Maternal Child Health & Nutrition Conference to Combat Anaemia and Malnutrition

New Delhi: Sukarya, a leading maternal child health and nutrition organization at the forefront of India's Anemia Bhagao Desh Bachao movement, hosted the nation's inaugural Maternal Child Health & Nutrition Conference on September 22 and 23 at the FICCI auditorium in New Delhi.

ICMCHN 2023, organized in partnership with esteemed institutions including NCEAR-A, IFPRI, George Washington University, the Department of Global Health at the University of Washington, and Global Washington.

This groundbreaking event, dedicated to addressing the critical issues of anemia and malnutrition, aims to underscore the profound connection between public health and broader social and demographic progress.

Bringing together a diverse array of experts encompassing health professionals, researchers, policymakers, public health officials, educators, and community representatives, the primary goal of this conference is to provide fresh perspectives on critical issues, including:

Meera Satpathy, Founder and Chairperson of Sukarya, emphasized the unique characteristics of the International Conference on Maternal Child Health & Nutrition. She highlighted the pivotal role of partnerships in driving public health progress, intricately intertwined with social development. Satpathy noted, "The hallmark of our conference is stakeholder collaboration and active community involvement at all stages, from research to program design and implementation, all aimed at minimizing the impact of anemia on women and children."

Sukarya has already reached an impressive 7 million women and children across 760 villages in India, delivering essential health and nutrition services. However, the two-day conference seeks to bridge the gap between technical advancements in the field and practical implementation by translating these innovations into accessible resources such as videos, toolkits, and brochures for all participants.

Sukarya, with 25 years of dedicated service, has been awarded a platinum certification from GuideStar India and is an accredited member of the "Credibility Alliance for Desirable Norms." Over the years, the organization has positively impacted the lives of more than 6 million women and children in 650 villages and 120 slums across Delhi, Haryana, and Rajasthan.

The International Conference on Maternal Child Health & Nutrition promises had become a significant milestone in India's ongoing efforts to combat anemia and malnutrition. It provides a platform for collaboration, innovation, and the practical implementation of solutions to address these pressing public health challenges.

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