Private trust flouts Rotary norms to collect Rs 25 cr for PM-CARES fund

Kolkata: Flouting all norms of Rotary International, Rotary India Humanity Foundation (RIHF)—a private trust set-up by some Rotarians— is collecting money from the members for depositing the same to PM CARES Fund. This has created furore among a section of the Rotarians.

The RIHF has proposed to collect Rs 25 crore for PM CARES. The same was advertised in the April 2020 edition of Rotary News. The Rotary International Board has asked RHIF to refrain from collecting money from the people. The matter has been reported to the Prime Minister's Office (PMO).

Rotary India Humanity Foundation (RIHF) was set up by Shekhar Mehta on July 7, 2010 with five trustees. As the name of Rotary is used by RIHF, people equated it with Rotary International.

Some Rotarians have vehemently opposed the move as, according to the rules, no private trust can be formed in the name of Rotary by any member.

Rotarians requesting anonymity said questions were raised as to what the trust would do if the collected amount exceeded Rs 25 crore.

"If anyone donates money directly to PM CARES, he or she gets 100 per cent Income Tax exemption. But, if someone donates money to RIHF then the exemption applicable will be up to 50 per cent. Then, why should one donate money to funds where the exemption is less?" they asked.

Meanwhile, some Rotarians also objected to collection of money for the controversial PM Cares fund.

"Why should money be collected for a fund that has raised questions both in the Parliament and outside?" they said. Time and again, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had raised the issue of why shouldn't the PM CARES fund be audited by CAG.

"We are really shocked to see how a private trust could collect money from the Rotarians for a fund which has no business with the ideology of Rotary International," they said.

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