PM most dominant figure post poll: Chidambaram

Former Finance Minister P Chidambaram on Saturday said PM Narendra Modi has emerged as the "most dominant political figure" after the assembly polls, while seeking to differ that the election results are a referendum on note ban. The results will increase the BJP's tally in the Upper House and a majority there will make it possible for the NDA government to start radical reforms during its remaining term to accelerate the economic growth, the Congress leader said.

"The elections today have clearly established that the most dominant political figure in India is Prime Minister Modi. And he has a pan-India appeal," Chidambaram told a gathering at Indian Merchants Chamber here.

Stating that the BJP tally in Rajya Sabha will increase, he said the government will enjoy a majority in both houses which will enable it to "pass virtually any Bill" as the political obstacles go off.

This climate will help accelerate the GDP growth to 8 per cent, which is a prerequisite to make India a prosperous and rich society, he said adding the current 7 per cent expansion does not help create new jobs.

"The political conditions are present for that today, but I don't know whether they have identified the other things which have to be done to make that happen," he said.
The former finance minister stressed that for the real reform, the conditions like stopping gratuitous intervention in markets by the government, reconstructing bureaucracy and creating an ethical and equitable society are also necessary.
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